"Here, you might choose to share a Bible verse or a testimonial of some kind! Please let us know if there is anything you'd like us to add!"

- Kelly, 18

We are currently accepting donations for our church planters in the Philippines and also in Nicaragua.  Your donations will go to help the growing ministry needs for the  families.  Your donation is tax deductible.  
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Why should I give to Concern for the World?

Our prayer is that through your gifts to support the work of church planters around the world, our purpose of evangelizing, and discipling all peoples will come to an end because we will be able to fulfill the Great Commission. We use donations in order to further the kingdom in reaching lost souls. We have a history of faithfully fulfilling our mission for over 50 years. We are accountable before God and our Board of Trustees.

Are my donations to Concern for the World tax deductible?

Yes. All charitable gifts to CFTW are ultimately determined by IRS rules and regulations for charitable giving.

How much of my donation is directed to ministry overseas?

You can designate where you would like for your donation to be utilized. Rest assure, that one hundred percent of donations go directly toward overseas work. You can decide whether to donate to our church planters, evangelists, or our mission directors who lead and organize our entire ministry efforts.  

What are the different options for donating?

There are several availabilities for you to donate through. You can donate through our Website, which is connected to PayPal. You can also send check to our main headquarters. You may also call our donation line, in order to pay over the phone using any type of card.

How can I record my yearly giving?

t the end of the year, you will receive a contribution letter, which will have records of your donations.



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